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Our values

The Group has always considered commitment to healthy nutrition as part of their founding values, along with the respect for people-be them suppliers, employees, contractors, consumers or customers. Moreover, the care of soil and the promotion of an economy that contributes to the development of the social community at large, creating conditions of fair and respectful relationships between individuals.

The company considers this mission as crucial to the formation of free, responsible individuals, thanks to a healthy cultural life.

Healthy nutrition

Organic foods result from the respect for the soil and Nature. They contribute to human well-being and foster the health and balance of both body and mind. EcorNaturaSì offers certified organic products that come from selected suppliers, producers and processing companies that reflect the company’s core identity and share the same values, with the aim of providing consumers with the best possible products in terms of quality and food safety.

These are producers who have chosen to say “yes” to Nature. People who work the land with commitment and dedication, without any use of GMO or synthetic chemicals, and respect the natural cycles of ripening. These farmers breed animals fed by grazing and organic fodder and exclude all preventive use of antibiotics. Processing companies which do not make any use of colourings, preservatives or additives for the well-being of consumers.


Soil fertility

The soil gives us its fruits, the nourishment of humans. According to one of the founding principles of EcorNaturaSì, we believe that the love and care for the soil help make it fertile and keep it lively and capable of giving us products that are beneficial to our well-being.

Each grain, each clod, each field is a source of life that deserves utter love and respect.

Organic products are the result of a method that combines agricultural production and respect for the environment, naturally restoring her forces. The exclusion of synthetic fertilizers and chemical herbicides, insecticides and fungicides and the adoption of the crop rotation and green manure technique contribute to give the soil nourishment, harmony and health.


Social projects and cultural initiatives

EcorNaturaSì supports social projects for the promotion of biodynamic agriculture and Steiner pedagogy. The company considers it essential to educate free and responsible individuals through a healthy cultural life, in order to let creative and social forces naturally arise in them to make them capable of developing economic activities and renew them to help build their own unique future.

Through the Rudolf Steiner Anthroposophic Foundation, EcorNaturSì finances a number of social projects: the "San Michele" farming cooperative of Manzana, Conegliano, in biodynamic agriculture, and the Steiner School Campus of Zoppè (San Vendemiano), which hosts a kindergarten and a primary and secondary school for about 200 students.


Valore Alimentare

Investing in the training and knowledge of all the human resources involved in the supply chain: from consumers to retailers, from suppliers to employees.

Through the valorealimentare.it online magazine, EcorNaturaSì reaches consumers to provide them with answers and insights on the issues of organic nutrition and health.

Valore Alimentare is also a permanent educational tool for the operators working in the distribution of organic products.



The Cuorebio shops and NaturaSì organic supermarkets have embarked on this project to build a new future for young children through a careful nutritional education based on organic fruits and vegetables, in a mutual exchange of advice and information both online and in shops.

Fresh produce is, in fact, the key to a healthy and balanced diet.

Crescibio provides a tool to offer children first and second courses, snacks and light meals produced without any use of synthetic chemical pesticides or additives and help them develop a spontaneous attention to their own well-being as they grow up.