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Pioneers of organic farming in Italy

Ariele was founded in Conegliano, Treviso, in 1985.
A small shop of organic produce grown by local farmers that offered only a few German organic items
and had a great desire to support and share the philosophy of healthy nutrition as a result of products grown
in the full respect of the soil, Nature, the environment and therefore of humankind.

A very ambitious project for the times. A deep-felt, wanted project launched by a group of organic pioneers,
all part of a local anthroposophic group.
Their passion, enthusiasm and desire to convey the values of organic and biodynamic culture,
their love for the soil and its fruits has been nourishing the project.


The Cooperativa Ariele and a small import/export company of biodynamic products of Biella shortly after merge into Gea–initially a limited partnership, later a limited company, finally a company limited by shares. The biodynamic farming cooperative “San Michele” is founded in the hilly region north of Conegliano, Treviso.


The “Istituto Italiano di Reforming” of Verona, later renamed NaturaSì, starts operating with the aim of creating a network of supermarkets of organic products.


Gea–along with three other companies in the organic field and namely Tam of Vicenza (former Entroterra cooperative), Farnia of Rolo, Reggio Emilia, and Pro-Natura of Gargazzone, Bolzano–creates Ecor SpA to develop a specialised wholesale distribution network to organic retail shops.


The “B’io” brand is launched
as an associative project of organic shops.


Equity exchange between NaturaSì and Ecor.


Direct management of the “Fattoria Di Vaira” farm of Petacciato, Campobasso.


Acquisition of Baule Volante.


Merger between Ecor and NaturaSì, incorporation of EcorNaturaSì SpA.


B’io becomes Cuorebio and gets about 270 shops involved in the project.


Alpa, a company owned by the Paravicini Crespi family–also the owner of the “Cascine Orsine” biodynamic farm– joins the group.
NaturaSì open their 100th organic supermarket in Italy.


EcorNaturaSì has now two new members: Red Circle Investments– the investment company of the Rosso family, and Forever– the investment company of the Rossi Cairo family.


Il marchio NaturaSì si rinnova e si rafforza di contenuti: agricoltori, produttori, negozianti e clienti insieme per il futuro della terra e della vita.