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High quality, a careful choice of ingredients and a steady focus on prices and customers’ needs.
A development team works day by day to improve the range
of organic products offered in Italy, researching products
from around the world and cooperating with
the international leading specialists in the field.

Over 400 brand products and a specific focus on packaged products. Ecor is a guarantee of controlled suppliers, careful tuning of the assortment and in-depth analysis of products and processes, for the protection of customers’ health.

For some particularly significant projects, Ecor gives its identity to dedicated packaging lines, in order to better communicate the actual added value the products contain. Here are three examples:

Alimenti Ritrovati

The project helps rediscover the “old varieties” of organic cereals and legumes that witness the richness and variety of the Italian farming heritage and gourmet.

[Find out more on ecor.it ecor.it]

Pasta di filiera

(from integrated supply chain)

A line of durum wheat pasta produced exclusively from Italian raw materials cultivated by selected farms.

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Le Terre di Ecor

An innovative project of relation and cooperation with organic and biodynamic producers, which led to the creation of a network of independent farms linked by a special relationship with the land and commitment to Nature and people.
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More info on projects and product lines on ecor.it.


In more than 25 years in business, Baule Volante has developed over 500 brand products that represent the typical Italian cuisine as well as the culinary traditions of many countries outside Europe.

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NaturaSì is also a product brand of a range of products
that value the direct relationship with producers, with specific attention to customers’ needs and constant research of the best possible product.

The offer range also includes products from developing countries, all guaranteed by Fair Trade monitoring institutes. (Fair Trade Organizations).

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