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EcorNaturaSì is committed to supporting the production of the farms, which embrace their same corporate values and make them their own, in the full respect of the natural environment.

rom the passion for the land, the company reaps the precious rewards that reach the shelves of specialty shops, day after day.

Four biodynamic farms take active part in the company’s mission, although they do not directly belong to the EcorNaturaSì Group.

Founded in 1987 by a group of anthroposophy scholars, the “San Michele” farm of Manzana di Conegliano, Treviso, covers approximately 495 acres– owned and partly rented–all cultivated according to the biodynamic method. The farm produces vegetables, milk and eggs..

The high interest shown by students during the frequent visits to the farm has convinced the staff to deepen its mission of “teaching farm” and meeting place for schoolchildren, students, families.


The Fattoria Di Vaira biodynamic farm was founded in Molise in 2007, in collaboration with some organic retailers and shareholders. The Fattoria Di Vaira of Petacciato, Campobasso covers a surface of 1,250 acres. Thanks to its extension and diversity of production, it is an interesting example of corporate organism, with cows and goats from whose milk spun paste dairy products (mainly based on raw milk) are produced. Also with vineyards, olive groves are cultivated as well as the fodder crops for the animals and arable crops that are partly used for the company’s self-sufficiency and as raw materials for Ecor brand products. Horticultural production is very important.
The farm produces cauliflowers, broccoli, fennel, radicchio and melons, watermelons, peppers and tomatoes–mostly used for preserves–during the summer.
The agrotourism farm completes the project and offers visitors a chance to stay and be part of a biodynamic farm.

For more information, please visit www.fattoriadivaira.it


Founded by Giulia Maria Crespi–the honorary president of FAI (Italian National Trust Fund)–the Cascine Orsine farm of Zelata Bereguardo, Pavia, is a biodynamic farm of 1,600 acres, 900 of which cultivated, in the strip of land between Bereguardo and the river Ticino.

From the milk obtained from the 550 animals bred, the farm makes excellent cheeses, but also produces cereals, flours, extra virgin olive oil, meat and honey.

The farm is also a major training centre in biodynamic agriculture.

For more information ,please visit www.cascineorsine.it


A partire dal 2013, la famiglia Rossi Cairo ha trasformato l'azienda agricola La Raia da convenzionale a biodinamica, certificata Demeter.

From 2013 on, the Rossi Cairo family has converted the La Raia farm from conventional to biodynamic and has obtained the Demeter certification. The estate cultivates Cortese and Barbera vines on their 450 acres of land, along with old varieties of grains such as einkorn spelt and rye. The varieties of plants that grow in the estate–which include an extensive “crown” of chestnut, acacia and cherry woods–allow a significant production of honey. The pastures host cattle of the Piedmontese breed.

The company also hosts a Waldorf School run by the “Intorno al Melo” Association.

The “La Raia” Foundation for Arts, Culture and Territory was constituted in 2013 with the aim of promoting a critical reflection on the importance of landscape.

For more information, please visit www.la-raia.it