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Fresh produce

Organic seasonal products collected at the right ripening time and verified over multiple steps: fresh produce is a flagship for EcorNaturaSì that is looked after and taken care of from field to table.

According to their Quality Assurance policy, the company performs a number of inspections throughout the year, both on historical suppliers and new or potential ones. The controls and field analysis on plants and fruits and the inspections of goods upon arrival at the warehouse are useful tools that enable relations of continuous collaboration to be established with producers. This allows sharing suggestions on the most suitable varieties according to specific geographic areas as well as the most efficient methods to adopt, always guided by the objective of providing products that are synonymous with food safety and quality.

Every single fruit customers find in the fresh produce section of organic supermarkets or NaturaSì or Cuorebio specialty shops is the fruit of a background of experience, expertise and mutual exchange that has contributed to establishing a safe and reliable supply chain.